I Made This! – My Chunky West Elm-ish Mirror

Oh this mirror – this was the very first thing we made.

Chunky Leaning MIrror  I love West Elm and I love their leaning mirrors but goodness gracious are they expensive! They don’t even sell the one I like anymore, but a similar one is currently on sale for $424.  $424! For a mirror!

In any case, in August 2012 we had just moved into the newly renovated half of our house and we had this crappy walmart mirror that the previous owners had left just sort of crookedly leaning up on our wall. It was SO sad.  Offhandedly, I mentioned to my husband I wanted to build a chunky one and showed him a picture. I expected him to say no but he literally said “Okay let’s do it! Meet you in the car!”

I had some giftcards from my bridal shower and we bought our miter saw and some wood – poplar and premium plywood. And a mirror. And paint, nails and liquid nails for mirrors.

And then we cut and assembled. Hubs insisted on butt joints rather than mitered joints which was fine with me because (at the time) I had no idea what I was doing.

Placing the mirror was kind of a mess because it didn’t fit and we had to like sand off the inside edges. Stressful!

We also did this in probably the most expensive way possible. We bought the fanciest stain grade plywood (when we knew we were painting it), and the fanciest, most durable paint (when it just leans against a wall in a grown up bedroom and almost never even gets touched).  The whole thing probably cost us just north of $100, which is still far less than West Elm charges, but much more than the “Chunky Mirror for $5!” claims I always see on Pinterest.

Unfortunately, we did not bother to splurge on a sliding miter saw which I have always regretted.  At the time it made sense, but every time I want to cut a wide board (any wider than a 1×6) I shake my fist at the sky in agony.

But yeah – I love this mirror. It’s exactly what I wanted, it was a great first project and really kicked off my love of making stuff.

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