I Made This! – My Farmhouse Bed

Oh, my bed. It is my favorite thing I have ever made. We built it for my 28th birthday, after I had been coveting it for years. It was also the first big thing we built (after our black parsons style bookshelf).

People always look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them “I built my bed!”, even after I clarify that of course I did not build the mattress.  Just the frame.  It wasn’t super difficult, either, just time consuming and requiring a lot of focus.  There were some stressful moments (when I measured every single piece of wood in the entire store because nothing measured exactly 1-inch wide) but overall, it was a fun project.

Making It: Farmhouse BedIt’s a terrible picture – the room gets very little light and I’m not excellent at making beds. Bear with me.

It’s super sturdy because it’s straight up solid wood, and we took so much care in the finish, painting and sanding, painting and sanding. It’s proof positive that it’s worth the time it takes to do things right.  I swear I look at it every day and smile.

It didn’t cost as much as a bed I wanted in the store (which was not as weighty/sturdy) but it was my first lesson in the fact that wood is not cheap!

Assembling the siderail/slat portion was tricky and I do not look forward to the day we have to move and disassemble this thing. I am pretty sure we used All The Screws…and there may have even been some glue involved. That’s it, we’re never moving.

My sister in law loved it so much we made a headboard for her for her birthday the following spring!  I’m always happy to do custom work like this, so if you’re interested, please reach out and let me know!


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2 Responses to I Made This! – My Farmhouse Bed

  1. kate says:

    Love the look! Super cute bookshelves, too…


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