I Made This! – Rustic Weathered Whale

I fancy myself this quintessential New England prepster, living in a house with weathered grey cedar shingles and sporting Vineyard Vines and pearls.

But I live in New Jersey and often sport Old Navy.

We still live near(ish) the beach though, so I wanted a weathered wooden whale to hang on my wall.  I looked into buying one but they were kind of expensive.

So I made one!


I waited on it for a few years, but finally one afternoon I found a piece of scrap plywood and drew a whale outline on it with a pencil.  Then my husband helped hold the piece as I cut it out with the jigsaw (and a new blade!)

I cannot even tell you how shocked I was that it looked like a whale. I assumed I’d screw it up somehow but it worked out beautifully.  The board was primed from another project (the closet!) so I sanded off the finish, then I started to stain it. I used a custom grey/brown stain that I had mixed and then layered on more grey stain to lighten it up.  All told it looks super old and weathered and I really love it.  My favorite thing is that the knots look like they are eyes on a whale face.

The debate about where to hang it raged on for… a day.  Ultimately we opted to hang it on a wall in our bedroom that is currently unadorned and that we see every day. That won out over the guest bathroom that we almost never enter.

Weathered whales when I wake up make me feel like I’m living on Nantucket.

I love it so much that I put it on Etsy so I’ll make you one too! See it here!

Your turn: What do you think about this whale? Do you like rustic and weathered items or do you prefer them polished and new looking?  Do you have a love of New England like I do?

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