An Ampersand from 2x4s

I made this wooden ampersand. In 2012, I was coming down off of my wedding high and saw this design on Pinterest. And wanted it. So bad.  Ampersands symbolize the joining of two people. I was newly joined with a person. I had to have it!


As things do, it took awhile and in February 2013 I found some scrap wood leftover from our bed and took a miter saw to it.  Bevels for days!

(Also, this project was the subject of the first of many fights with my nail gun.)

And then I posted it to Facebook (as you do) and a dear friend saw it and wanted one to celebrate HER wedding. So I made another one and put a bow on it, and gave it to her (and her fiancé) at her bridal shower.  (This was the start of a tradition called “Sam makes me something!” that has occurred at every shower since.)

She even displayed it at her wedding, which meant a lot because if she was showing it to other people on a very important day, she must have liked it.


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4 Responses to An Ampersand from 2x4s

  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Would love to add this to my chalkboard walled living room


  2. shopmakingit says:

    Thanks! You can actually buy one from my Etsy shop here:


  3. Kathleen says:

    And then I had to get all complicated and ask for an anchor. Which opened a whole new can of worms 😉


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