Farmhouse Dining Table

Last Christmas (2013), somehow we offered to host Christmas Morning.  It was just my husband’s family and includes no kids so, easy peasy, “we’ll make you some bacon and eggs if you come over around 10.”

Well, I should say that at first we were like “Sure! It will be great!” And then we counted our chairs and realized that there was no way we could host 6 additional guests and expect them to all sit.  Our existing Ikea table sit mayyybe four comfortably, and we only had four chairs. 

So we built this table. Out of framing lumber. In one weekend. Indoors. It was stressful and messy, but man, oh, man do I love this table.


There are fancier ones that we could have made, of course (there are all kinds of plans online for them!) but I’m a sucker for clean, straight lines.  The most fun thing about making it? Beating it up to make it look “rustic” – a super fun way to get out some feeeeeelings!

My favorite thing about making stuff is that you can make it custom to your space. A little taller? Sure! A little longer? Of course! A little less wide? No problem.  So this table is an odd size so that it fits in the space while maximizing the number of people that can it can sit. 

This was a more recent project and we were able to take a lot of our previous “learnings” and do a better job on this one.  And I love it!  It’s not quite Restoration Hardware, but for a product of framing lumber, built for under $150 (plus a new sander) it’s really pretty great.

One thing we didn’t really anticipate was shrinkage. I guess as the framing lumber dries it shrinks, so six months after we built it we started noticing that the breadboard ends were longer than the boards in the middle. So that’s a watchout if you build your own – buy the wood in advance and let it sit for six months before you build with it. Or (as we will probably do), just take apart the table and sand it even again.  Or live with it… when you make it, these things are part of the charm.

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