Continuing a Tradition – An Ampersand from 1x2s

Mini Ampersand

You can see how cute it is compared to the large one I made from 2x4s.

I made it for my friend’s bridal shower in June 2014. She hadn’t really expressed desire for anything I had built (um…weird?) but I wanted to make her something because I had done it for our other friends. I like tradition.

She likes miniature things. All things miniature. I know, she’s an odd duck, but at least she’s consistent. It’s a guaranteed winner with her, always. Mini coconuts, mini hot sauce, mini anything, even airplane bottles of rum. So I made her a mini ampersand. And she loved it (um, obviously) and displayed it at her wedding too.

It’s a cake table staple, apparently. (Also, I’d like to point out that’s it’s a mini cake as well, the ampersand is only a foot tall!)

Mini Ampersand - Wedding

I thought it was super cute and was so happy my friend liked it. This group of friends only has one bridal shower left, which I am sad about because I really like making things for them! This tradition will no doubt live on to baby showers (it already has, actually – stay tuned for that next week!)

And of course, I put the mini on Etsy here, so you can order one too!


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