A Bookshelf for a Kid

When you’re 30ish (as I am) it’s time for weddings and babies.

When my first close friend announced that she was expecting, I started thinking about making her something for her baby shower.  The tradition of making things for bridal showers hadn’t yet started at hers, so I wanted to make something for her and her new kiddo.

So many decisions!  And much of it hinged on what I could reasonably build, what would be useful, what I could fit in my car and drive up to Massachusetts, what I could carry myself, and what I wouldn’t feel SUPER self conscious about bringing into her aunt’s house. After hemming and hawing for days, I opted for this cute little bookshelf on wheels. She’s an English teacher, after all, so she appreciates book storage.

And so we built it! The handles came out a little wonky (ahem…I mean charming), but honestly it was a fairly simple build that worked out really well. I painted it navy blue and then added some mint polka dots and inner handles to tie in with the baby room colors.

Baby Shelf(So sorry it’s blurry. I only had iPhone pictures and now it’s living elsewhere!)

She liked it! It was actually pretty handy at the shower because everyone brought a book or two and it provided a perfect place to store them after they had been passed around. And it will grow up with the baby (who is like five months old now, can’t believe it!) and be useful for years, I hope.

A few of my friends mentioned to me that I had “won the shower” (by giving the best gift) – of course that’s not true, there were so many amazing and useful items gifted by some incredibly generous women, but it felt so nice to have them say that. I have never been great at gift giving (registries are a lifesaver) and I am kind of awkward, so I felt so …proud, I guess is the right word… to have them say such kind things about something that I spent a lot of time thinking about and making.

This little shelf is certainly something I can custom build for you and list on Etsy, so if you are interested, please send me a message.

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