Free Art for Me – Three Arrow Paintings

I am a fan of free art. I live in a house with a lot of walls and I like to fill them on the cheap.

I had a day off from work this summer and was itching to make something. So, I found some inspiration on Pinterest and some appropriately sized scrap wood and went to work.

Three Arrow Art

When I was finished I asked my husband if he liked them… he said “of course!” as husbands do. I asked my sister and she said “Meh.” Can’t win em all.

Freehand painting is not a talent of mine (clearly) but it was a fun, free project and they are currently adorning a previously empty wall in my house.

What do you think? Are you on team “of course!” or team “meh”? How do you fill your walls – free art or is it something you like to buy?

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