Romantic Long Weekend: Laundry Table

Laundry Table

My husband and I made this in one weekend. Memorial Day weekend, to be precise, so it was an extra long weekend.

I wanted a rustic farmhouse-esque table to go over our front loading washer and dryer. Hubs wanted to use some leftover plywood and polyurethane. So… we kinda just winged it and came up with this:

Laundry Table, Making It, Co

We learned so much! It is nice that this lives in a room that we don’t spend a TON of time in and can avoid pretty easily because there are lots of little errors.  For example- I didn’t sand the legs enough- should have used a belt sander and not just a mini sander; I painted in the screw holes to hide them rather than filling and sanding them (lazy); I didn’t miter the corners because I didn’t think it would matter – as a result, they look a bit wonky up close; and finally, just minutes after we put it into place I set the laundry basket on top and then slid it over and surprise! It scratched the top. Oops.

Lots of lessons learned. But it is nice to have, and the natural wood top looks nice next to all the “utility” in the laundry room. We also agreed that in future spaces, if we end up not needing a laundry table, we can always cut down the legs and use it as a normal table or desk. (It’s laughably tall and skinny when it is standing alone without the washer/dryer underneath. Reminds me of a giraffe.)

So yeah – it was kind of a practice project, but they lead to bigger and better things.  What about you? Any projects that you felt were good practice for future things?


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