I love this sign! (And puns!) Also, sentimental things that become useful.

So we were supposed to get married at a barn and it was supposed to be super rustic and I made these signs from some pallet wood that would tell people where to go and alert them to the fact that they were at a wedding and also remind them what date it was and who was getting married. (Um, it was us.)

Wedding Signs

But it rained, and so while we got to take some pictures at the barn the whole thing was inside a hotel and therefore nobody really need directions in the form of wooden signs.

We did take the “Love” one and use it as a photobooth prop, though and some of my favorite favorite FAVORITE pictures from the night feature it.

And wanting to extend that sentiment (and also being kind of cheap) I decided to hang it on the wall in my bedroom and display my jewelry on it, mainly in hopes that if I saw it, I would be more likely to wear it.  So I bought some small knobs from World Market and screwed them into the board at regular intervals.

Voila! A jewelry holder! That I made!

Love Signed Zoomed


I use it every day, but still wear only a small selection of the jewelry I own.  However, I’ll admit that now that I can see it, I definitely consider the statement necklace a little more often, even if it doesn’t actually make it out of the house.

How about you? Any sentimental pieces that you’ve made useful? How about some rainy wedding days and fun photobooth props?

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