Recycled Table Runner

Last winter I got this idea into my head that I wanted to start sewing. And to do that, I needed a sewing machine.  I picked out the one I wanted and as luck would have it, I won a Super Bowl pool for about half of what it cost so I went for it. And it arrived and I sewed up a storm. (False.)

I practiced a bit on some scrap fabric and then I sewed this little curtain thing:


I learned after that I did it all wrong so maybe someday I will fix it, but my husband likes it and I don’t actually use the kitchen, so it’s all good.

Then prior to Easter I decided to make a table runner. Rewind to Christmas when we thought we would use our Ikea table to host, we bought a tablecloth to um, just cover it up and hide it. But then we built our farmhouse table and I wanted to show it off! And we still had the tablecloth fabric so I chopped it up, hemmed the sides and there we are.

Table Runner

This is the most complicated sewing project I have undertaken thus far. (And as you can see, it was four straight-ish lines.) I need to man up and try something a bit more complex, but I am not sure what. I have no need for baby clothes now, I get enough free bags from work that I don’t need to make more, I am VERY far from making or altering my own clothes. So what to make? Any suggestions for semi-complex projects?

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