Refreshed Kitchen Cabinets

I did NOT build these cabinets. Someone else did though, and when we bought the house they were…ahem, not my style.

Kitchen Before

The kitchen from our first tour.

Replacing them is obviously ideal, but it gets into a mouse/cookie situation. If we replace them we should rearrange the kitchen layout and get some new countertops. And pull up the floor to extend the hardwood.  And perhaps some new appliances?  And a new sink too…

So ultimately it just seemed like a much bigger investment than we wanted to make. But we couldn’t just continue living with yellow cabinets with stained glass, and black holes when you opened them.

So a couple of summers ago I took a staycation, replaced the stained glass (and sold it!) and then painted everything white. Inside and out.  I added shelf paper liner to the cabinets and cork liner to the drawers. I actually quite liked the pulls and knobs so those stayed.  And as a bonus, I painted the buffet and added the shelves above.

Kitchen Middle

Prepped for paint!

Kitchen After R Kitchen After L Buffet

It was a long project but TOTALLY worth it. I had always thought I might make my own cabinets one day, since I like building so much…but after seeing these ridiculous creatures, I think I might just go with Ikea.

There are a thousand tutorials on the interwebs for painting cabinets and I mishmoshed all of the tips. I used a deglosser and primer, and then Benjamin Moore Advance paint in White Dove. (I use BM Advance for basically all of my projects and swear by it).  Cabinet painting is one of the easiest and impactful visual changes you can make in your kitchen, so if you’re thinking about it, I highly recommend diving right in!

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