Free Tree Topper

Oh goodness it’s been about a month since I last posted!  The shop was crazy during December, along with regular holiday madness and I simply couldn’t get it together to post anything for a few weeks.

I did want to share this star project I did last year, although I’m well aware it’s currently late.

The hardest part of this project was withstanding the stink eye that I got from the lady at the Lowe’s paint counter when I asked for five paint sticks.

Then I took them home, stained them (I didn’t even sand them, because, lazy) and glued them together. I might have actually glued then stained- I can’t remember, it’s a holiday blur.

Then it wound up on top of our tree. It’s cute and rustic…right? (Just don’t look at the back, it says Lowe’s on all the sticks).

Paint Stick Star

My mother-in-law was…um, not a huge fan, but the great thing about having my own house is that I make the rules, so it stayed.

This year I ended up making something similar (though much better) with some lattice and pins. I’ll share the specifics at some point, but it’s still only half done… I’ll have to make some adjustments before I can really call it finished.

Anyone else ever make any free or cheap Christmas decorations? Anyone else’s mother-in-law side-eye them?

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