Black Beauty – Building a Bookshelf

I love Parsons style furniture.  I know most of what I own, make and like tends to be rustic, but the clean lines of Parsons desks and tables have always been my favorites.

So the only bookshelf we owned is this tiny hand-me-down that my mother-in-law gave us when she closed her shop a few years back. It was sponge painted (??) and altogether Not Okay and so I sanded it and painted it white. And it holds all of our books. We’re not huge readers.

But even painted, the thing was still not exactly good looking, so I wanted to build something straight lined and chose this Parsons style shelf from here, customizing the height to what I wanted it to be.  And we built it! And I thought it was going to be so easy but who knew that wood warped??  At the time, we also lacked a lot of the tools that would be useful for a project like this…like clamps.  It was (I think) the second thing we built, after the West Elm-ish Mirror, and again, we learned a lot from it.

Here it is while it was being painted:

Black Bookshelf

And here it is where it currently lives.  If we’re being honest, it doesn’t hold books very well, so the white one still has most of them. So, live and learn.

Black Bookshelf  - Filled2

(Feel free to judge the wire situation, I am right there with you.)

So it’s… a fine, useful piece of furniture.  My sister says that the super nice (store bought) piece that is next to it in our living room makes it look worse than it is.  She’s a sweetheart, my sister.

So that’s the story of this black beauty. She may not look like much, but I like to keep her around anyway.

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