Custom Built-In Closet Organizer

I made this! And when I say I, I mean me and my husband jointly laboring all day long for three straight weekends. I mean living out of a pile of clothes on the floor and a clean laundry basket.

Closet - Hers - Instagram Closet - His

This was clearly a custom job and will not be listed on Etsy…ever. But we made it! And I consider that fact every time I shop for new clothes to fill it up. (All of the shelves and cubbies are full now – this was taken while we were in the process of moving back in.)

We had been talking about it for years, but when we bought a new-to-us table saw at a sidewalk “tool sale” it finally started seeming like a reality.  When it came down to it we probably didn’t NEED the table saw, but it was nice to have and certainly made things easier.

I am honestly not sure why it was so difficult – could have been wonky walls, could have been the fact that I am straight up terrible at measuring… I’m not really sure.  I just know that once it was assembled, I used a full tube of wood filler, multiple sheets of sandpaper, and three full tubes of caulk to make it look pretty.

Worth it, though. I really, really like it. Things are more organized, I have more space for everything (except shoes…the next thing I have to make is a shoe caddy for the back wall, since we ended up moving the mirror. Just have to think about what it should look like, or if I’m better off just minimizing my shoe collection).

Thoughts on your favorite shoe storage solution? I think that might be something built this summer…maybe one with wheels.

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