Making It!

Somewhere around the age of 26, I became obsessed with DIY.  This was somewhat of a wild change as I had never before cared to muss up my mani.

But I was consumed, so I tried it. My parents aren’t handy and I’m not particularly arty, so I didn’t have high hopes, but it went well.  In fact, my husband and I bought a house and did some of the fixing up ourselves.  And we learned a lot, and our tool collection continued to grow.

Then it came time to furnish the house and we realized that furniture is expensive. So we started making it. Then we made other things. Sometimes we made things for other people.

Recently we decided to open an Etsy shop to see if anyone else wanted to own the things we made.

And ultimately that led us here – a place for us to document things that we have already made, things we want to make and of course, our failures.  Hope we can inspire the maker in you!


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